Top 9 Best Gifts for Writers This Christmas

best gifts for writers
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Wondering what to buy a writer this Christmas? 

Well, it just so happens you came to the right place. 

As a life-long creative writer and professionally-trained journalist, I’d like to think I can shed some light on this topic for you. 

Some gifts you can just do without — like your mother-in-law’s constant disapproval and opinion of your chosen profession.

And others, like these gorgeous rose gold pens, you just can’t live without! 

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or another writer in your life, here’s a look at the best gifts for writers this holiday season. 

Typewriter Desktop Organizer

What writer isn’t obsessed with an old-school typewriter? Even if you don’t want to write on one, this typewriter-inspired desktop organizer makes for a pretty fun conversation piece on your desk. 

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Bling Bling Decorative Business Card Holder

Even if you don’t have clients coming into your office, you’ll feel like a real boss lady if you have this sparkly biz card holder sitting prominently on your desk. 

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Gzrlyf Writer Bracelet

For the creative writers out there who churn out novel after novel. This charming charm bracelet has four charms, including a typewriter, a book, and a coffee mug with pencils sticking out of it. The fourth charm warns: “Careful or you’ll end up in my novel.” 

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Writer at Work Sign

Creatives hate to be disturbed. Putting this on the door handle lets the household know that serious work is being done behind closed doors. 

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Just One More Chapter… Pillow


Any time you need the inspiration to keep your butt planted in your chair to write, just look over at this pillow. Or snuggle with it when you really just want to procrastinate and read one more chapter…

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Polished Dyed Blue Agate Bookends

How gorgeous are these bookends? Most writers have far too many books, but some must be kept within arm’s reach at all times. Use these bookends to prop up your favorite reference books on your desk.

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Gifts for Aspiring Writers

Novel Writer Definition Shirt

For the literal writer in your life who takes their writing as seriously as sarcasm. Let them show off their writer status with this statement tee that lets the world know what they do. 

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Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

Never let another good idea escape you in the shower. This waterproof pad lets you capture your greatest (and not-so-greatest) ideas — even if you’re mid-lather.

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Property of a Future Bestselling Author Notebook

Now you can finally get started on that blog, novel, poem, fill-in-the-blank that’s been floating around in your head. Keep this on you at all times to start writing when inspiration strikes!

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Now, tell me: What do you hope Santa brings you for Christmas?

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