How to Market Your Writing Biz for Small Business Saturday 2019

Celebrate Small Business Saturday 2019
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There are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States.

And you’re one of them.

As a writer, CEO, janitor, bookkeeper, and beyond, you’re a one person show who has to do it all. That includes a need to do some creative marketing to keep the cash flow coming into your writing biz.

And luckily, there’s a day to celebrate that fact: Small Business Saturday.

Every year, Americans across the nation celebrate this day by supporting local businesses in their communities. While you probably do most of your business online, there’s no reason you can’t join the masses in selling your services to celebrate your small biz status.

Want to know how to promote your writing services for Small Business Saturday 2019?

Read on to learn why and how to do it! 

What is Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday was founded nine years ago by American Express to celebrate local businesses. Since its inception, the annual event has generated an estimated $103 billion across all Small Business Saturdays combined.

When is Small Business Saturday? 

It’s always the Saturday following Thanksgiving. It offers a nice break from the chaos in big-box stores that is Black Friday and allows communities to support local artisans, crafters, creators, and businesses. 

Why Should I Celebrate it as a Freelance Writer? 

Think Big Shop Small sign for Small Business Saturday

So, you may think that Small Business Saturday isn’t for you to celebrate.

It’s actually a perfect opportunity to showcase your business.

Why? Here are a few reasons: 

  • Connect with other locals – Other than getting out into your community to do some holiday shopping, it’s a great way to connect with local business owners. Some who very well may need your writing services. Be sure to keep a handful of business cards on you in case you strike up a conversation while you’re out and about
  • Highlights your best features – When you’re promoting your business, you’ll want quick snippets to show why clients should work with you. It’ll help you perfect your elevator speech even more.
  • Offers insight into new strategies – If you’ll be active on social media and other sites throughout the day, take notes of how others promote their small businesses. Watch how others writers in particular market their writing services. See what gets the most engagement and consider doing a similar strategy for your own business when you’re marketing.

Additionally, it’s a great opportunity to promote your business online since you don’t necessarily have a brick-and-mortar storefront. Take the time to share specials on social media, rollout any new services, and offer discounts to favorite clients who choose to re-sign with you. 

8 Marketing Ideas for Small Business Saturday 2019

Marketing Ideas for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is all about supporting your community locally. Since your business is online, you can expand your reach a bit and get creative! There are endless ways you can promote what you do online.

But first, plan ahead.

Set a goal for yourself. What would look like a successful day of promotion for you? A certain number of calls booked, contracts signed, pitches sent, etc.? Write it down and then follow through!

You can reward yourself for meeting your goal by going out and finding yourself a little something special at a local shop.

Not sure what to do? Here’s a list of 8 ways to market your freelance writing business:

Take Advantage of Design Resources 

American Express offers a Shop Small Studio where business owners can create customized posters and social media posts in less than 2 minutes. Check out how you can spotlight your business with these stunning posters here. Or, check out Canva’s awesome collection of templates you can use to create your own logos or social media animations.

Cold Pitch Agencies in Your Area

Hit up your local marketing agencies with a personalized cold pitch. Spend some time crafting a perfect cold pitch email and schedule it to go out to the CEO first thing Friday morning. Let them know you’re interested in bringing your local talent to their agency. 

Offer a Discount to Current Clients

If you have some upcoming contracts that are ending soon, consider offering a small discount for those who sign another contract for a certain length of time. Or, for a new client you’re trying to hook, offer to throw in a small bonus that won’t take you much time — like adding images to blog posts you’re already writing.

Host a Free Webinar 

There’s nothing like giving away free information that gets people excited about you, your brand and what you do. If you have the time and resources before Small Business Saturday, consider hosting a free webinar. You can talk about how to source photos for content, how to write for the web, or even host a q-and-a to let potential clients pick your brain. Select one topic to cover so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Go live on Facebook or LinkedIn and share your knowledge with your audience.

Join Forces With Other Local Freelancers 

Want to finish the fourth quarter strong? Consider pairing up with another freelancer in your market who would complement your services. Teaming up with another writer or even a graphic designer means you can tackle different and larger projects. That means you can charge a premium rate if you’re able to complete a bigger project for a client that minimizes what they need to do in-house before the end of the year.

Donate to Charities 

If you can book X amount of client work, consider donating part of your proceeds to your favorite local charity. It gives people the warm and fuzzies knowing they’re supporting a small business like yourself and that you support your community in return. Let it be known that you’ll accept bookings throughout the weekend to hit your goal. 

Use Social Media 

Harness the power of social media by being active on it all day. Use hashtags that will be trending like #ShopSmall or #SmallBizSat and #SmallBusinessSaturday to stand out among the crowd. And, of course, hashtags like #WriterForHire won’t hurt, either. You never know who is searching for a writer via hashtags! 

Give Away Some Freebies 

Ask people to sign up for your email list and send them a big package of your favorite free content. If you have gated content like an ebook and checklists, send it to them in a single email so they have it in one spot to reference later. Or raffle off your ebook, 45-minute strategy sessions, or another freebie of your choice to build intrigue and call attention to your brand.

Take Time to Support Small Business Saturday 

When you go out to support local businesses on this day, you support other entrepreneurs like yourself.

It’s a pretty spectacular feeling, right?

Once you’ve gotten your holiday shopping done, don’t forget to promote yourself, too. Marketing your freelance business is the single most important task you need to do in order to be successful and keep work from drying up.

2020 is right around the corner. Even though the holidays can be a busy season of life, it doesn’t mean your business needs to slow down to a screeching halt.

In fact, some of the most successful freelancers close their biggest deals during the holidays. That happened to me last year and November and December were my two biggest earning months as a freelance writer. 

If you love shopping local and support small businesses, it’s time to remember that you’ve got a business that needs some love, too.

Happy Small Business Saturday to you! 
How do you plan to promote your freelance writing business for Small Business Saturday 2019? Share your creative ideas in the comments below to inspire other writers!