5 Services That Are Irresistible to Writing Clients Right Now

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Believe it or not, writing clients are still out there. 

If you’ve recently lost clients due to the pandemic, now is the time to shift your mindset and your service offerings. 

With the unemployment rate hovering at 10.2%, there’s no denying times are tough. 

As a freelancer, that may mean you’ve lost clients because of budget cuts. It also means a lot more new writers are hitting the freelance writing streets looking for work. Businesses have laid off marketing staff and agencies. Yet those companies still need to market, just with slimmer margins. 

That’s where you can step in.

If you’ve been pondering offering a new service, now is a great time to roll out a pilot test. The key is making sure you’re being sensitive to client budgets while also offering them value — the same as you always do, but maybe with a bit of a discount the first time around. 

Here’s a look at writing services to start pitching right now — and where to find the right clients — to help businesses while also making money doing it: 

1. Website Rewrites 

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Now that sounds pretty much slowed every business down, marketing departments everywhere are now finally getting to the project that they’ve been putting off for months. For businesses, this means an opportunity to work on new and current marketing strategies, including rebranding.  I’ve talked to several brands in the last few months that are looking at completely revamping their websites because they need to refresh. 

How to Find the Client Who Needs It

Look at some of your favorite brands through a consumer’s eyes. How can they improve their site? If they need to focus more on benefits rather than features, that’s a whole landing page you could rewrite. Or perhaps their site is riddled with spelling errors. To get your foot in the door, start with a small pitch — like an About Us page — and upsell when you get a discovery call to learn more about their needs.

2. Opt-In Content AKA a Lead Magnet 

Lead magnets are an excellent way to grow email marketing lists. Most companies right now are happy to take any subscribers they get. Email is the best and most intimate way to market to prospective, new, and current customers. Companies that are without an intriguing pop-up (like that 10% off coupon that pops up on nearly every ecommerce site), are losing out on new customers to market to — daily. When you create lead magnet content, you help your client snag new customers to market to 24/7.

By creating opt-in content, you have an option to build out a full package like: 

  • Opt-in freebie > Thank you page > Welcome email series

That’s just an example of what could be a top tier package you offer. A smaller package may look like a 5-page lead magnet with the opt-in copy for the landing page or the popup subscriber box.

How to Find the Client Who Needs It

Next time you sign up for a company’s mailing list, pay close attention to the opt-in copy for the subscription box. Is it compelling enough? Once subscribed, do you receive a nice thank-you email confirming your new subscription? And are you pleasantly surprised by the content you receive afterward in your inbox? If the content is outdated or without any quick reader “win” opportunities, you’ve just found yourself a potential project to pitch!

3. Welcome Email Sequences 

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In a time when brands need to stand out, getting into the ideal customer’s inbox as soon as they hit “subscribe” for an email list is the way to keep their attention. In fact, welcome emails have a 91.43% open rate and get 3X the transactions and revenue per email over promo emails. This means BIG MONEY for companies if they play their cards right. 

How to Find the Client Who Needs It

When you subscribe to a company’s mailing list, watch over the next week or so to see what hits your inbox. If they have nothing, that’s a PERFECT prospect to pitch. Let them know you see opportunities they are missing to capture and convert customers when their interest is at a peak.

4. Blogs 

On average, companies with active blogs receive 67% more leads than those without one, which is why a consistent posting schedule is a must! Brands need content to promote in their email newsletters and social media pages. High-quality blogs also provide an opportunity for that company to skip paying for Google ads and instead climb the ranks of Google with organic keywords! 

How to Find the Client Who Needs It

If you notice your favorite brands have blogs with outdated content, broken links, or sporadic posting, it’s the perfect time to swoop in and offer your SEO writing services. Pick an industry and get to work Googling. You’re bound to find clients in need of fresh content. Let them know a company blog is a perfect place to continue building trust with their audience in these times of change. 

5. Social Media Posts 

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Some marketing departments are seeing major staff cuts, which means things are even leaner. With big rounds of layoffs come a perfect opportunity for freelance writers to step in and fill the gap where projects and strategies have fallen behind. There are only so many hours in a day, and most companies have a social media presence that needs to be updated daily. If you have experience with social media writing and management, this is a great opportunity to step in and create content to share on social media or just to keep refreshing social media accounts.

How to Find the Client Who Needs It

Again, watch and see which of your favorite brands seem to be slacking when it comes to posting. By not posting, they lose customer engagement. There are 3.5 billion social media users globally with Facebook being the most popular platform. Minimally, companies should post to Facebook pages 3 times per week. Look at your favorite companies’ platforms to see how they’re keeping up. Then, pitch them!

How to Sell New Services to Writing Clients 

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You have a couple of options when it comes to expanding your writing services to clients. You always want to be excited and back up whatever service you offer with solid stats and ROI stats when possible.

To get started with offering new services like the ones above: 

Assess Your Current Offerings 

Is there a service that you’re tired of doing or thinking about retiring from your service menu? Consider replacing it with one of the new services you’d like to offer. Or, slowly phase it out as contracts naturally come to an end. Take the service offering off your website, social media accounts, etc. It will help you mentally to realize you need to up your skillset level and get serious about learning and providing a new offering. 

Increase Your Skillset 

If you’ve been holding off on offering any new service because you’re scared, stop that thinking right now. You’re holding yourself back when you let fear take over instead of excitement. Try and look at this as a new learning opportunity to keep things from getting stale in your business. There are tons of opportunities to learn a new skill. Check out Google, YouTube, Teachable, and other platforms and find out what you need to do to learn about how to provide a new offering and do it well.

Not sure what skills you need to focus on as a freelance writer? Check out my post “Want to Succeed as a Freelance Writer? You Need These 7 Skills!

Offer Specials 

Can you pass up a good special or discount? I know I can’t. If you’re interested in trying out a new service, offer your current clients a steep discount. You’ll lose a little money, sure, but it’s also for a good reason.

This will do a few things:

  • Help you see if you enjoy the new service
  • Iron out any kinks early on
  • Assist your client in a new marketing area

Any way you look at it, it’s a win-win! Specials are a sure-fire way to generate interest. Make sure you put a clear deadline on it, though, so you can start making bank once you nail the service. 

The Time to Get Started is Now 

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Now is the time to start searching for clients who need marketing help. 

Quarter four is coming up, which means many marketing teams need solid, reliable writers. They may also not have the time to learn a new skill or manage a huge new project undertaking. If it is a big project that they need multiple writers on, you could also potentially offer a project management fee to command a higher rate. 

Promote the benefits of it, whether it saves the company time, money, or energy. All those are valuable and worth it to pay an expert for. Start with the low-hanging fruit — your current clients — and work your way out from there. 

Truly lost and unsure where to start? Check out my five-star rated step-by-step guide, Freelance Writing 101: Everything You Need to Launch Your Writing Career.

What types of writing services are you offering these days to you writing clients? How do you expand your own service offerings? Drop your tips in the comments below!